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Chopper has appeared in other media besides the manga and it's television anime adaptation. He is featured in most of the One Piece films starting with Movie 3: Chopper's Kingdom of Strange Animal Island, where he is the main character. He is also the main character in the ninth movie, which is a retelling of the storyline during which he was introduced.

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Chopper was seen in Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan when Sakura mentions "reindeer who are doctors" and other things from anime, while he was freaking out in a forest. He also appears twice in the Webcomic VG Cats.[1][2] Chopper and other characters also appeared in Cross Epoch, the crossover with Dragonball Z.

However, Chopper's status as a mascot met with criticism by both fans and critics, who view him as too stereotypical and insufficiently developed compared to the other Straw Hats. Dyler Crews wrote, "Even before Pikachu solidified the concept of a manga and anime franchise having an adorable mascot in the '90s, the trope was already old hat. Looking to cash in on merchandising, Oda simplified Tony Tony Chopper's design to make the character resemble a plush toy. Although Oda didn't relegate Chopper to mascot status only, giving the character an essential job within the crew, Chopper's utility in the story has diminished as his marketability grew. Having the voice actor behind Pikachu didn't help either.[30]


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