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Miles Foster
Miles Foster

Irrational ManHD

Fascinated by nightclubs and dance halls and convinced that dance responds to a fundamental, irrational human need, with this work the choreographer presents a snapshot of a society in constant upheaval.

Irrational ManHD

The concept of ergodicity is something people get intuitively but unlearn by visiting a statistics class or completing an MBA. The distinction between ergodic and non-ergodic systems is nonetheless essential for understanding how humans act and why some \u201Cirrational\u201D behavior or heuristic might be rational after all. It is a concept mostly used in mathematical probability theory but originated in thermodynamics.

Another field where understanding ergodicity is critical is behavioral economics. This field mainly studies the choices of individuals and tries to find regularities and cognitive biases. The problem is that some behavior (e.g., loss aversion) is often considered \u201Cirrational.\u201D Loss aversion means that people avoid a loss of a specific size more than they want the equivalent gain. Most people would not take the following bet: a fair coin is thrown, and you win 120\u20AC if it lands on heads but lose 100\u20AC if it lands on tails. If we calculate the average (1/2*120+1/2*-100= 10), we see that the player would win money in the long run. That is the reason not playing games like this is often considered \u201Cirrational.\u201D

There are many such examples where an \u201Cirrational\u201D behavior is rational when analyzed carefully. Most heuristics people use seem to be sophisticated tools for turning non-ergodic games into more ergodic ones\u2014i.e. for minimizing the risk of going bust.

Simply by detoxing from added sugar, processed foods, and maybe \u2026 meat (not sure about that one), the irrational, primal part of my brain has been completely silenced! It\u2019s an insane feeling. I have complete rational control over my food now. So if I open DoorDash, I see straight through the short-term dopamine kicks from all the greasy, salty dishes\u2014my rational brain doesn\u2019t see value in eating that kind of food. 041b061a72


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