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Miles Foster

En Windows 8 X64 Dvd 915440.iso

Buywindows10keysale.comAha, same question as what I raised several days ago. I bought a new computer and the new operating system is windows 10 pro key . When I tried to activate the system, it prompted me that I need to have a product key. I asked friends and one of them recommended me the site from which I could easily order a product key. Then, I just followed his advice and really activated my system with the purchased product key. It didn't cost much and bought me a convenience service.

en windows 8 x64 dvd 915440.iso

Download File:

Now, boot your Tablet into BIOS (hold power+windows key for about 4 seconds when booting). Go down to the 'boot' option and switch to Legacy BIOS mode. Make sure your USB drive is before your HDD in the boot order. Save and Exit the bios.

I'm sorry but I don't quite get you there. After plugging in the USB, I set up the boot order and reboot into the Setup. At the Setup of Windows 8, it suddenly popped out an error saying 'The product key does not match any windows image available'. I cannot proceed with the Setup and force to reboot. It is weird since it never prompted me to key in any product key at all.

i would double check the iso again. my guess is the image either is corrupted or different image like enterprise edition is on there. i download mine over mydigitallife forum. under windows 8 section, they have a sticky post name the officicial windows 8 repository . you would look for windows 8 rtm english 64 bit. its a 3.3gb. need a ***** client like utorrent to download btw.

when i did clean install from iso, i did go to option advance and format the selected drive to install. otherwise the setup won't let windows install. after format next button becomes visible and go from there. have to pay attention because setup run quite fast like around 10 min mark to finish. you have 10 secs to unplug the usb otherwise windows will repeat the boot process again

you could try a reset on charm bar, general. it probably ask for a missing file which is install.wim. then can you plug in the usb with the iso to see if it go through. if not well we have to find another method like using dism or imagex command to mount install.wim index 2 which is win 8. the only thing i am afriad of is when somehow we could install win 8, windows could not activate, that is why external dvd come in


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