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FlashPro Express: A Powerful and Easy-to-Use Software for Programming Microchip's Flash-Based FPGAs and SoCs

Program-recovery feature is available to allow device to automatically recover from a power failure during a programming operation. It requires SPI flash to be connected to the device with a valid bitstream.

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There are three user programmable sub-blocks within the SmartFusion2 and IGLOO2 FPGA devices. The FPGA fabric contains configurable user logic and can be programmed independently of other blocks. The eNVM block is user non-volatile flash memory and can also be programmed independently. There are two separate groups of security segments (factory and user) that are tamper protected blocks used to safely store factory and user security keys as well as configurable security settings. All programming operations including programming, verification, and security key management are managed by the system controller.

The Microsemi FlashPro programming system is a combination of FlashPro software and hardware programmer. Together they provide ISP for flash-based FPGA devices: PolarFire, IGLOO2, SmartFusion2, RTG4, IGLOO/e, ProASIC3 (including RT ProASIC3), SmartFusion, Fusion, and ProASICPLUS families.

The standard test and programming language (STAPL) Player may be used to program ProASICPLUS and third-generation flash devices such as IGLOO, ProASIC3, ProASIC3L, Fusion, and interprets the contents of a STAPL file generated by Microsemi's Libero IDE and Designer software tools. The file contains information about the programming of ProASICPLUS devices and JTAG scan chain for a single device. The data format is a JEDEC standard known as the STAPL format. The STAPL Player reads the STAPL file and executes the file's programming instructions. As all programming details are in the STAPL file, the STAPL Player is device-independent.

The Adobe Flash Professional Toolkit for CreateJS 1.2 is now fully integrated with Flash Professional CC that enables designers and animators to create assets for HTML5 projects using the open source CreateJS JavaScript libraries. It supports most of the core animation and illustration capabilities of Flash Professional, including vectors, bitmaps, tweens, sounds, button, and JavaScript timeline scripting. With one click, the Toolkit for CreateJS exports the contents on the stage and in the library as JavaScript that can be previewed in the browser to help you start building expressive HTML5-based content in no time.

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Adobe Extension Manager CC allows you to download and install useful extensions for Flash Professional CC. To install Extension Manager CC, go to Help > Manage Extensions. This installs Extension Manager CC automatically.

Instead of simply declaring a product is on sale, the Sale Flash Pro extension gives you global and per-product control over sale flash display. Choose whether to display the % discount or the precise amount off the price.

If you are flashing/updating your TX module via WiFi for the first time from the factory firmware, or from an older firmware, to ExpressLRS 3.x firmware, you will first need to flash it to version 2.5.2, then flash it with the Repartitioner binary file (right click, save as/save file as). Should it complain about Target Mismatch, just click Flash Anyway. Only then you can flash to 3.x firmware via WiFi.

This option is only possible if you haven't previously flashed or configured your TX Module with your Home WiFi SSID and Password or if it's unable to connect to said WiFi Network because the router is Off or unreachable.

3. On the Remote Select Music > Select the 3 green menu bars in the top left corner of the screen > Settings > Update > Create Card. A message appears when the dock has finished preparing the USB flash drive to receive the software updates.

4. Take the USB Flash Drive back to your computer. Plug the Flash Drive into the computer and download the software updates using Garmin Express (Downloading Software Updates to the Prepared USB Flash Drive).

NOTE: If a map update is too large for the internal storage of the device, the software may prompt you to install a microSD card in your device to add storage space (Installing a Memory Card for Maps and Data).The Garmin Express software downloads and installs the updates onto your device. Map updates are very large, and this process may take a long time on slower Internet connections.

The software, all updates and future versions are freeware. The current version can be downloaded from at any time and can be used without any activation key. Hence the devices will still be equipped with the latest technical standard, even after several years of usage. Support for further chips is added quickly and free of charge based on customer requests, as long as these chips are supported by the hardware.


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