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Paan Singh Tomar 2012 DVDRip 720p X264 AACAmeet6233: The Incredible Story of an Athlete Who Became a Rebel

Paan Singh Tomar: The True Story of an Athlete Turned Rebel


Paan Singh Tomar is a name that evokes both admiration and fear. He was an Indian soldier and a national steeplechase champion who later became one of the most notorious dacoits in the Chambal Valley. His life story is a fascinating tale of courage, talent, injustice, and revenge. In this article, we will explore the following questions:

Paan Singh Tomar 2012 DVDRip 720p X264 AACAmeet6233

  • Who was Paan Singh Tomar?

  • What was his athletic career?

  • Why did he become a baaghi?

Paan Singh Tomar's Life and Achievements

Early life and army service

Paan Singh Tomar was born in 1932 in a village called Bhidosa in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. He belonged to a poor farmer family of the Tomar clan. He joined the Indian Army in 1951 and served in the Bengal Engineer Group. He was posted at Roorkee, where he discovered his talent for running. He surprised his seniors with his speed and stamina and was selected for the sports division of the army.

National and international steeplechase champion

Paan Singh Tomar trained under the guidance of his coach Gurudev Singh and became a specialist in the 3000 metres steeplechase event. He participated in the Indian National Games and won the gold medal seven times in a row from 1954 to 1960. He also represented India in the Asian Games at Tokyo in 1958, where he finished fourth. He broke his own national record in the 1962 International Military Games at Jakarta, where he won the gold medal. He was also selected for the 1964 Olympics, but could not go due to a jaw injury.

Return to Morena and family feud

Paan Singh Tomar retired from the army in 1967 as a subedar and returned to his village. He hoped to live a peaceful life with his wife and children, but soon found himself embroiled in a land dispute with his cousin Bhanwar Singh. Bhanwar Singh had encroached on Paan Singh's ancestral land and refused to vacate it. Paan Singh tried to resolve the issue through legal means, but found no support from the authorities. He also faced harassment and violence from Bhanwar Singh and his goons, who beat up his son and brother.

Paan Singh Tomar's Rebellion and Death

The rise of a dacoit leader

Frustrated by the injustice and corruption, Paan Singh Tomar decided to take up arms against his oppressors. He gathered a group of loyal men and formed a gang of dacoits, who raided villages, looted money, kidnapped people, and killed enemies. He became known as a baaghi, a rebel who defied the law and challenged the system. He also earned respect from some sections of society for his generosity, bravery, and sense of honour. He never harmed women or children, never robbed poor people, and never killed innocent people.

The encounter with the police

Paan Singh Tomar became a wanted criminal with a bounty on his head. The police launched several operations to capture him, but failed to do so. He was elusive and cunning, using his knowledge of the terrain and his athletic skills to evade capture. He also had a network of informers and supporters who helped him escape. In 1981, he was finally cornered by the police in an ambush near Bhind. He fought valiantly till the end, but was shot dead by Inspector Mahendra Pratap Singh.

The legacy of Paan Singh Tomar

Paan Singh Tomar's life story became a legend in the Chambal Valley and beyond. He was seen as a hero by some and a villain by others. He inspired many books, songs, documentaries, and films. The most famous film based on his life is Paan Singh Tomar (2012), directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia and starred Irrfan Khan as Paan Singh Tomar. The film received critical acclaim and won several awards, including the National Film Award for Best Feature Film and Best Actor.


Paan Singh Tomar was a remarkable man who lived a remarkable life. He was a patriot, a sportsman, a rebel, and a legend. He was a victim of circumstances and a product of his times. He was a hero to some and a villain to others. He was Paan Singh Tomar, the true story of an athlete turned rebel.


  • What is the meaning of baaghi?

  • What is the difference between dacoit and bandit?

  • What is the steeplechase event?

  • Where is the Chambal Valley located?

  • Who played the role of Paan Singh Tomar's wife in the film?


  • Baaghi is a Hindi word that means rebel or insurgent. It is often used to describe people who take up arms against the state or the society.

  • Dacoit and bandit are synonyms that mean robber or outlaw. However, dacoit is more commonly used in India and South Asia, while bandit is more widely used in other regions.

  • The steeplechase event is a long-distance running race that involves obstacles such as hurdles and water jumps. It is usually 3000 metres long for men and 2000 metres long for women.

  • The Chambal Valley is a region in central India that covers parts of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. It is known for its rugged terrain, ravines, and rivers. It is also notorious for being a hideout for dacoits and criminals.

  • Mahie Gill played the role of Indra Singh Tomar, Paan Singh Tomar's wife in the film.


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