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Day Of The Tentacle Dos Download PORTABLE

DOTT, Maniac Mansion: The Day of the Tentacle.All same names for a brilliant adventure game full of historical facts and time traveling. Free the world of the tentacles. This game is just absurd and fun. Play with Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne in three different times!by Latis

Day Of The Tentacle Dos Download


Day of the Tentacle, also known as Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle,[2][3] is a 1993 graphic adventure game developed and published by LucasArts. It is the sequel to the 1987 game Maniac Mansion. The plot follows Bernard Bernoulli and his friends Hoagie and Laverne as they attempt to stop the evil Purple Tentacle - a sentient, disembodied tentacle - from taking over the world. The player takes control of the trio and solves puzzles while using time travel to explore different periods of history.

Since Purple Tentacle's plans are flawless and unstoppable, Dr. Fred decides to use his Chron-o-John time machines to send Bernard, Laverne, and Hoagie to the day before to turn off his Sludge-o-Matic machine, thereby preventing Purple Tentacle's exposure to the sludge.[10] However, because Dr. Fred used an imitation diamond rather than a real diamond as a power source for the time machine, the Chron-o-Johns break down in operation. Laverne is sent 200 years in the future, where humanity has been enslaved and Purple Tentacle rules the world from the Edison mansion, while Hoagie is dropped 200 years in the past, where the motel is being used by the Founding Fathers as a retreat to write the United States Constitution. Bernard is returned to the present. To salvage Dr. Fred's plan, Bernard must acquire a replacement diamond for the time machine, while both Hoagie and Laverne must restore power to their respective Chron-o-John pods by plugging them in.[11] To overcome the lack of electricity in the past, Hoagie recruits the help of Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Fred's ancestor, Red Edison, to build a superbattery to power his pod, while Laverne evades capture by the tentacles long enough to run an extension cord to her unit. The three send small objects back and forth in time through the Chron-o-Johns and make changes to history to help the others complete their tasks.

Eventually, Bernard uses Dr. Fred's family fortune of royalties from the Maniac Mansion TV series to purchase a real diamond, while his friends manage to power their Chron-o-Johns. Soon, the three are reunited in the present. Purple Tentacle arrives, hijacks a Chron-o-John, and takes it to the previous day to prevent them from turning off the sludge machine; he is pursued by Green Tentacle in another pod.[12] With only one Chron-o-John pod left, Bernard, Hoagie, and Laverne use it to pursue the tentacles to the previous day, while Dr. Fred uselessly tries to warn them of using the pod together, referencing the film The Fly. Upon arriving, the trio exit the pod only to discover that they have been turned into a three-headed monster, their bodies merging into one during the transfer. Meanwhile, Purple Tentacle has used the time machine to bring countless versions of himself from different moments in time to the same day to prevent the Sludge-o-Matic from being deactivated.[13] Bernard and his friends defeat the Purple Tentacles guarding the Sludge-o-Matic, turn off the machine, and prevent the whole series of events from ever happening. Returning to the present, Dr. Fred discovers that the three have not been turned into a monster at all but have just gotten stuck in the same set of clothes; they are then ordered by Dr. Fred to get out of his house. The game ends with the credits rolling over a tentacle-shaped American flag, one of the more significant results of their tampering in history.

You can download the full version of Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle from the download store listed below. If you buy a game you don't only get the full version game, you also support DOS Games Archive. For every sale we receive a small fee from the download store which helps us to keep this free website alive. Thank you and have fun!

THE EDISONS ARE AT IT AGAIN.Dr. Fred's mutated purple tentacle is out to take over the world. And only you can stop him. Travel through time with three outrageous characters in this wacky graphic adventure which features cartoon-style animation and over 100 zany sound effects.

In the above case I've made a second shortcut (Day_of_the_tentacle_local) to run this local DOTT.EXE executable, and with D:\DOTT.CD as the current directory. The shortcut's properties look something like this:

Some of the more entertaining puzzles of the game involve these characters. In one sequence, Hoagie must give an exploding cigar to Washington in order to replace his famous false teeth with chattering novelty mechanical dentures, while in another he gives a drawing of a tentacle to Ross, who sews it into the American flag. By painting the fruits of a kumquat tree red, the player forces Washington to chop down the created "cherry" tree, also a myth concerning Washington's youth.

Are you downloading many games and finding the image verifcation system tiresome? Then register for an account. It takes seconds to register and eliminates the image verification system, allowing true direct downloads.

Day of the Tentacle is the official sequel of Maniac Mansion, but in all its greatness it's just a classic on its own. The protagonist of the game, Bernard Bernoulli, needs to stop purple tentacle from taking over the world. He gets help from Hoagie and Laverne. Day of the Tentacle was the eighth Lucasarts game that uses the Scumm interface/engine. Day of the Tentacle is a DOS game, so it runs in DOSBox. But you can also use ScummVM to play the game. And there's a remake, released in 2016, made by Double Fine Productions, a studio from co-creator of the original game, Tim Schafer.

You can download the official remake of Day of the Tentacle. The original game, with updated artwork, sound and music. What are you waiting for? Go save the world from the evil purple Tentacle! Like the game from 1993, it also contains a full working version of Maniac Mansion!

Hmm, I guess I got confused by the forum title which says "Getting old DOS games working". Sorry. Anyway, I spoke too soon. It still crashes. When I run it in Windows, instead of the computer getting locked up I get a "This program performed an illegal operation" message and it gets shut down. But, I can run "tentacle t g330" or "tentacle t a" to disable the digital sound and just have music and it works fine. So it's not the Adlib, it's the digital sound that's causing the problem. No idea what to do about this, though, except try a different sound card.

I just went through the same thing i was trying to run day of the tentacle on my AMD k6-III 450mhz it would lock up on the music "midi" i tried an AMD k6-2 500Mhz same deal.but on the Intel Pentium 233Mhz works fine.. at first i though it was the 100Mhz FSB making it all strange i was clocking the K6-2 from 233 to 330 with a 66mhz FSBturns out the Game just wont run with the AMD CPU's

While the act the downloading and use of abandonware is classed as piracy and is officially illegal. I do not see any serious legal or moral issues with downloading and using out of print, old commercial software. But you should use your judgement.

Day of the tentacle made me laugh harder than any other Lucas Adventure game, and that's a fact. Curse was generally more of an "Oh, that's clever, type of humour", and Sam and Max is all madcap Nihilism and Spontaneity. But DoTT at its best is zany gold. The entire scene with the IRS, complete with deadpan smalltalk and obtuse logic, nearly suffocated a young Grif. And pathetic though it may seem, this is in truth, the only of the Adventure classics I could beat without using a FAQ.

You can download RetroPie from the official download page. Once downloaded, you can use usbimager to flash the downloaded RetroPie image onto the SD card (which will completely overwrite it). You can download usbimager from its official Gitlab page. After you finish flashing the SD card, insert it into your Pi 400 and boot it. It will start up, and then reboot again.

There is one type of site that manages to avoid most scorn. Abandonware sites, like Abandonia, offer all manner of games, free to download. Many of these sites have been up and running for years, which begs the question: is abandonware legal?

To answer that specific question, no, it is not legal to download abandonware. But are you likely to find the authorities knocking at your door? Or, end up in front of a judge for breaking copyright? That's highly unlikely.

Despite the illegality of abandonware, there are no court cases relating to it. At least, none that I could find prosecuting someone for downloading and playing an abandonware title. Companies enforcing existing copyright tend to send a cease-and-desist letter before filing a lawsuit.

The answer lies with the site you are downloading from. Major abandonware sites like MyAbandonware and Abandonia are safe, serving thousands of users every day. These sites also host almost every abandonware title, so you don't need to head into the unknown depths of the internet looking for a title on a sketchy website.

But you probably won't get into trouble for downloading an old game, firing it up in an emulator, and playing the heck out of it. If you're unsure about how to do that, here's a quick guide on running old games on Windows 10.


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