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What You Need to Know About FoCCCus 0.8.6 for Ford Focus

Hi mine used to say that on the old version of Focccus. There are 4 possibilities. 1.your elm adaptor is faulty or is unable to communicate with the ecu try on a differant 15 plate to verify 2 you do not have the correct calibration file for your vehicle. Read the bcm with Forscan or Focccus and download the correct file from ford place in the focccus calibration folder on your pc. 3. Wait for the developer to bring out the next revision of Focccus. As Ford bring out new vehicles the programme will always lag behind current models as it is developed. 4. Use a genuine vcm 2 or clone to modify.(you will still need the correct calibration file tho. Good luck Graham

focccus 0.8 6 download


Firstly, thank you for the modified ELM 327, secondly this page is a mine of information which I am hoping someone could confirm a question for me please. Using my ELM 327, which software would I need to download to use it on my 2015 CMAX 1.5 Titanium X? (For my 2010 Kuga I used the ELM327 with Forscan and ELMConfig. This does not work with my CMAX :-(

The software does not come on the disk provided. You just download the software from the link provided. The disk just contains some drivers, but the drivers are downloaded directly from Microsoft when you plug the lead into your PC.

Hi guys atill having issues getting past security on ecu from 2015 focus. Anyone any closer to getting a solution? As Motorcraft link now doesnt work how do we access the vbf files if indeed this is what causes the problem. I have tried the following downloaded ids version 99 in the hope that this latest version had new vbf files then copied to focccus folder still doesnt work.ironically you can access individual modules and get info fine just cannot get into parameters. I even borrowed a vcm 2 clone using ids v97 again gets vehicle info, clears dtc lets you into programme modules but when you read config parameters they are all greyed out and state not used on this vehicle even though they are. I have also rmailed xgloom asking if he has a solution , no reply so far. What the hell have they done to the new ecu to make it so difficult to read? I welcome your comments

Hi i have obtained the relevant info from the modules using Forscan & downloaded the correct pcm calibration file, but when i input the body control data it comes up no files found? Surely there must be a file or how was it iploaded originally.any sugestions would be welcome. Thanks Graham

Hi, Ecosports model is not been sold at here (Turkey). Therefore i dont know that focccus works it or not. But my friends are trying to change same preset on Foccus MCA (2014-) and done. You have to try. I believe you can. Because BCM softwares are same all MK3.

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Hi Sammy how did you trick the IDS to use the modified file as i have access to an ids clone as wrll as elm327 want to mod my partners fiesta to enable satnav in config. You cant do this with focccus as it doesnt read the Fiesta bcm. But if you read config using ids it only lists original options on car vin ie if it didnt have satnav the options are greyed out, whereas on Focccus all options are available. My thoughts are i can mod the fiesta file on website and save as xml which i have done but how do i update bcm to use this file.

my Ford Focus mk3 has this software installed: APP: BM5T-14C026-AAC which I downloaded also from US and is very huge in comparison to others in VBF directory (1.0 MB!). What I noticed in that file is that transmission mode is set to Medium Speed (network = CAN_MS). Does this mean that in my case I DO NOT NEED to upgrade ELM327 with that switch and I can use it as-is?

Very bottom type in the calibration id. If the name is correct it will donwload the vbf. Unzip the vbf and copy it into the focccus vbf folder. There may be multiple files associated with each module.

Thanks for that, will this work with a ford Grand Cmax as it doesn't appear in the direct config vehicle picker, would it be OK to use the focus mk3 C 346 2015 to 2018?? sorry if I appear over cautious but I am a bit wary of using any new programs as using focccus before it managed to delete all the data on my bcmii and had to be reprogrammed by a dealer using ids... Duh

The Torque Pro is an OBD2 Bluetooth app that is highly rated by many vehicle owners as the best OBD2 app for Android over 1,000,000 downloads. However, you have to pay around $5 to get the app on the Play Store, but it is worth the hassle according to trusted reviews.

You can download a free version of the app to check adapter and car compatibility before purchasing the app on the store for less than $5. InCarDoc Pro supports ELM327 USB, Bluetooth, and Wifi adapter while also having the ability to work on most new Android devices.


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